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Actaea racemosa

(Common name:- Black Cohosh)


Actaea racemosa


Black cohosh is a perennial plant a member from the ranunculaceae family. It is native to North America.

It is also called black snakeroot and prized for its wonderful medicinal uses.

Black cohosh is today been the most popular medicine used for women's problems and an alternative to hormonal replacement therapy.

Plant Description

Black cohosh is a perennial herbaceous plant which bears large, compound leaves from underground rhizome that reaches to a height of 0.25-0.6m.

The plant produces flowers in late spring and early summer on a tall stem and measured as 0.75-2.5 m that forms racemes upto 50 cm long.

The fruit is a 5-10 mm long dry follicle having one carpel containing numerous seeds.

The primary part of this plant rhizome is black or brown in colour, thick, knobby which produces large buds on upper surface.

The rhizomes are covered with fibrous roots which are dried and used.


Black cohosh thrives in moist, rich soil which contains well fertilizers. It usually founded in shaded areas or partially shaded, although it requires full sunlight to grow.

It can also be raised in wood beds but the soil must be moist rich and well drained. The soils must have the pH balance of 5 to 6.

This plant is propagated by dividing the rhizomes in spring or fall.

Parts Used

Rhizomes, roots and stems


The main active components of black cohosh are the triterpene glycosides, acetein and 27-deoxyactein, and the isoflavone, formononetin. .

Other compounds of root are aromatic acids, tannins, resins and fatty acids.