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Eruca Sativa

(Common name:- Arugula)


Eruca Sativa

Arugula is also known as rocket and roquette. It is Mediterranean plant which is used in culinary purposes in salads.


Arugula is a Mediterranean annual herb of the mustard family. It is a species of eruca native to the Mediterranean region, from morocco, Portugal east to Lebanon and turkey.

It has a rich and peppery taste and has an exceptionally strong flavor. It is often used in salads, and sometimes cooked with other vegetables for pasta sauces or meats in Italy and other parts of world.

A type of salad green, arugula has very pungent taste and tends to be very sandy which needs to wash prior to cook or eat.

It is a popular cuisine in Italy.

Plant Description

Arugula is an edible plant and found in different types. It grows to about 70m tall (2.5feet). It has four petaled leaves with white-purple veined flowers top it flower stalk.

Arugula herb is sometimes mistaken as lettuce leaves. But it is different as it has strong peppery taste being a member of mustard family.

Sunny season is required to grow arugula. The best time period for this herb is spring to early summer.


Arugula seeds can be sow best in any good fertile and well drained soil from April to September.

Seeds must be sown deep in the soil maximum in drills (18-24inch) spaced apart.

This plant requires well drained fertile soil and sunny season. The seeds should be protecting from direct sunlight and from freezing temperature.

It performs best in spring to early summer. After the germination plant it under the shade but an airy place. After the seedlings are large enough to be handled just thin them out to 9-12 inches apart.

While harvesting you just need to pick the young leaves and the plant will generate the new leaves for months. As the flower buds appear, pinch them out to prolong the growing season.

It is cultivated especially in Italy and Veneto, but available throughout of the world. It has been cultivated in all the temperate regions of the world including northern Europe and North America.

Parts Used

Arugula is a four petaled leaf, and it leaves are used in salads. Its seeds are also used to extract oil and in other food items. Apart from leaves and seeds, flowers are also used.


Like most salads, arugula is low in calories and is high in vitamin A and C.


Medicinal uses

A study by researchers shows that arugula can be used as an alternative to cure ulcers.

Some scientists concluded that this herb possesses anti-ulcer effects as it reduces stomach acid secretion and meditate the activity of hormones.

Arugula's oil is also for various medicinal purposes.


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