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Geum Urbanum

(Common name:- Avens)


Geum Urbanum

Avens is a perennial plant also called avens, wood avens, herb bennet and herbs Benedicta.


Avens belongs to rose plant tribe which grows in shady places such as woodland edges, and in hedgerows, on the places like Europe and the Middle East.

It was called Herb bennet- as it was believed in ancient times that this herb has power to ward off evil spirits and venomous beasts. In ancients times it was worn as an amulet.

In medieval days, the trefoil leaf and five golden petals of blossoms symbolized the holy trinity and five wounds of lord.

By the end of thirteenth century the plant occurred as architectural decoration in the carved leafage on the capitals of columns and in wall patterns.

Goldy star of the earth, city avens, wild rye, and way bennet are some other names of this of this herb.

Plant Description

It has an erect hairy stem, red at the base with terminal bright yellow drooping flowers.

It is a common wayside plant in Great Britain, plenty in woods and hedges in England, Ireland, and southern Scotland. It is found scarcely in the north.

It has thin; upright, wiry stems slightly branched from 1 to 2 feet in height of reddish brown on one side.

It blooms between May and august and its flowers are 1 to 2 cm in diameter having five bright yellow petals.

The root is short rhizome like a finger. Near the ground there are growing leaves which also stays till winters.

The whole plant grows to 30cm or more than one meter in size.

The leaves of the stalk are like a saw and featured and flowers are rather small, mostly less than a centimeter.


It is suitable to grow avens in hedge rows, woodland, sunny edge, shady edge, and in walls.

It prefers light sandy, medium loamy and high clay soil and requires well well drained soils. It also needs acid, neutral and basic alkaline soils.

It can grow in light shades with or without sunlight.

It is a remedial herb and grows in most gardens.

Parts Used

Roots (herb)


The primary constituents in avens are volatile oil, which is composed of mainly eugenol, glucoside, gein, geum-bitter, tannic acid, gum and resin.

Culinary uses

Medicinal uses

Other names