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Herb : Bog Labrador Tea

(Botanical name: Ledum greonlandicum)


Bog Labrador Tea Labrador is frequently called as Indian tea.


Labrador tea is name applied to two species ledum palustre and ledum groenlandicum. Both are plants and used to make a savory herbal tea.

Labrador tea is a common among Eskimos and athabaskan.

This herb plant is distributed from Alaska to Greenland, south to New England, the northern parts of the lake states, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. .

Plant Description

This plant is prostrate form and erect, and generally circular in outline. Its leaves are 1-3 m long and edges are curled down followed by brown hair underside.

Roots of this herb are organic in layer and rhizome could reach with a depth of 6-20 meters.

White tiny flowers clusters are found on slender stalk at the end of the branch. It flowers in late may or early june.

This plant produces a dry capsule like fruit which contains lot of seeds. The fruit is collected late august, when ripen.


Labrador tea plant requires open or closed forest habitats, and most common on wetter sites with low subsurface water flow and low nutrients. Sometimes it grows abundant in shady areas.

Both the species of this plant grow slowly, so pick individual leaves rather than whole branch, and should be harvest from different shrubs.

Labrador tea is evergreen plant and can be avail throughout the year.

Parts Used

Leaves are used. .

Culinary uses

Medicinal uses