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Peumus boldus

(Common name:- Boldo)


Peumus boldus

This slow growing shrub is also known as bodine, boldu and boldo folium.


Boldo is a shrub with leathery, aromatic leaves and bears scented flowers.

It is an evergreen plant and mostly used for its medicinal purposes. It comes from the leaves and bark of the boldo tree, peumus boldus.

It has been used since long times for its medicinal uses, as the leaves of this herb used to make tea which helps in digestion and other bodily ailments.

This herb is also found in more than a dozen other or shrubs in the laurel, magnolia and monimia families.

It is an active agent used in more than 60 cuisines in South America and Europe.

Plant Description

Boldo is a native to the central region of Chile and Peru. This small shrub is also naturalized to the Mediterranean region.

Boldo is an evergreen tropical shrub cultivated in Mediterranean region, which grows to the height of 6-8 meters and produces small berry like fruit.

This plant bears scented flowers which are either male or female, as only one sex is found on one plant.

Boldo is slightly bitter and aromatic herb, and has diuretic and antiseptic properties.


This herb is found in Andean region of Chile and Peru, and also in indigenous parts of morocco. It is also cultivated in Italy, Brazil and North Africa to meet the medicinal demand in European and Canadian market.

It is a nutritious plant though not well known; the fruits appear in December and February, are small green edible berries which contain lot of sugar.

Parts Used



It contains a lot of alkaloids, flavonoids, ascaridole, camphor, linalool, limonene, b-pinene, resin and tannin. Boldo leaves also contain some volatile oil

Medicinal uses

Boldo is used extensively for its medicinal uses. Boldo is helpful in curing.

In Latin America and Spain boldo leaves are excessively used to relieve stomach pain, and particularly to support gallbladder.

Boldo is also thought to be an affective herbal medicine for gallstones.

The leaves of this herb are made into tincture or infusions or made into tablets and capsules to be taken as medicine.

Boldo is a good liver protective agent, as it protects liver from damage from drugs and toxins; apart from this it detoxify liver.

Boldo is also an affective agent against parasites and worms, and has been used to treat malaria.


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