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Acorus calamus

(Common name:- Calamus)


Acorus calamus

Calamus, also known as sweet flag is a plant from acoraceae family in the genus acorus.


It is a perennial wetland monocot with long scented leaves and scented rhizomes, which have been used medicinally as a psychotropic drug.

Calamus is known to have cultural significance attached to it. In greek mythology it has long been a symbol of male love.

It is been called sweet flag due to its sweet scent, and the wavy edges of the leaves resembles the fluttering flag.

In japan it is a symbol of samurai's bravery, because of its sharp sword like leaves.

Plant Description

Calamus grows in muddy and swampy areas, near lakes, pond and marshes.

The leaves the plant are between 0.7 and 1.7cm wide with an average of 1cm. it has much thick branched rhizome and similar shaped leaves to the irises.

The flower head is spadix, which stems out side of leaf, can go to 4.9- 8.9 cm high.

The flowers are longer too. Acorus calamus is infertile and shows an abortive ovary.

It is a vigorous plant, which grows in moist soil and requires lot of water.


Calamus is originated in India and but now it grows in different parts of the world.

It is now found across Europe, in southern Russia, northern Asia, southern Siberia, Japan, china, southern Canada and parts of USA.

Parts Used

Dried rhizome,Constituents,Calamus contains some volatile oil.