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Aleurites moluccana

(Common name:- Candle nut)


Aleurites moluccana

Candlenut is a flowering tree which is also known as Indian walnut, candleberry, and kukui nut tree.


Its nativity is not yet established precisely, yet it can be said that it is diffused from new to old world tropics.

According to hawaii mythology, this tree is a symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace. It was also considered to be the physical form of kamapua'a , the hog-man fertility demi-god associated with lono, the god of agriculture.

It is a most used herb in Indonesia and Malaysia. It also has some medicinal properties.

Plant Description

It grows to a height of 15-25 meters with wide pendulous branches.

The leaves of this plant are 10-20cm long, pale green in color, simple and ovate sometimes it is trilobed and rarely five lobed with an acute apex.

The fruit nut is round 4-6 cm in diameter and from inside the seed has very hard seed coat and high oil content.


This tree is usually cultivated in Indonesia, but now also cultivated in South America especially in Brazil.

Parts Used

Fruit and leaves are used in medicinal and culinary purpose.


Candlenuts are high in oil content. It has bitter taste due to the presence of saponin and phorbol.

Culinary uses

Candlenut is mainly used in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines, as it makes a thick sauce which is eaten with vegetables and rice.

Medicinal uses