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Matricaria recutita

(Common name:- Chamomile)


Matricaria recutita

Camomile also spelled as chamomile, is a perennial evergreen plant.


This is an aromatic and bitter herb with anti-inflammatory and relaxant properties.

Chamomile has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. Its tea is mainly drunk to regulate menstruation.

It also treats many other disorders related to the stomach and pains.

Plant Description

This plant is evergreen perennial and spreads like a carpet. Leaves of the plant are up to 5cm and finely separated.

It is usually found in low dry fields, around gardens and cultivated areas.

Flowers appear on the stem stalk with disc yellow and creamy white florets.

It smells like apple and makes soothing tea, handwash and shampoo.


It is common to Western Europe, northern America and the Azores.

It is usually grows in populated areas of Europe and temperate Asia and widely introduced to Australia.

Its seeds need open soil to survive; this is why it grows near road sides, landfills and in cultivated areas as weed.

Parts Used

Dried flowers and extracted essential oil.


It contains volatile oil, tiglic, methacrylic, isobuturic acids, C3 and C6 alcohols. Triterpenes, esters of caffeic, and ferulic acid.


Camomile is used for much medical relevance. As it make a soothing tea.

It is intented to take as poultice for pains and swelling.

It is also used for hysteria and nervous disorders.

It is capable to treat and prevent some ailments as: