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Angiosperms or flowering plants are the most dominant group of the vascular plant world. They are classified in two different parts according to the number of cotyledons present in them. A cotyledon contains stored food and serves as a food reservoir. Thus spices are majorly divided into two groups.

Monocots- They has only one cotyledon,

Dicots - They have two cotyledons

The studies by John Ray in the 1700's on the structure of seeds led him to discover the difference between monocotyledon (monocots) and dicotyledonous (dicots) plants. There are estimated to be about 165,000 different types of dicots and 55,000 types of monocots.

Aside from the difference between the seeds of monocots and dicots there are other different structures that separate monocots and dicots. They are

Characteristics Monocots Dicots
Embryo Single cotyledon Two cotyledon
Flower In the multiple of three In the multiple of fours and fives
Leaf veins Parallel Reticulated
Pollen Single furrow or pore Three furrows
Vascular plants Scattered In a ring in stems
Roots Adventitious Radicle
Secondary Absent Often present

Common Monocot families are

Arecaceae Palm family
Bromeliaceae Bromeliad family
Cyperaceae Sedge family
Hydrocharitaceae Frog's-bit family
Liliaceae Lily family
Orchidaceae Orchid family
Poaceae (or Gramineae) Grass family
Zingiberaceae Ginger family

Common Dicot families are

Apiaceae Parsley or carrot family
Asteraceae Sunflower family
Betulaceae Birch family
Brassicaceae Mustard family
Cactaceae Cactus family
Caryophyllaceae Carnation family
Cornaceae Dogwood family
Cucurbitaceae Pumpkin family
Ericaceae Heath family
Euphorbiaceae Spurge family
Fabaceae Pea or legume family
Fagaceae Beech or oak family
Lamiaceae Mint family
Lauraceae Cinnamon family
Magnoliaceae Magnolia family
Nymphaeaceae Water lily family
Papaveraceae Poppy family
Piperaceae Black pepper family
Ranunculaceae Buttercup family
Rosaceae Rose family
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