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Cnicus Benedictus

(Common name:- Blessed thistle)


Cnicus Benedictus


Blessed thistle is an annual plant and the only specie from the family of cnicus.

It is native to Mediterranean region from Portugal north to southern France and east to Iran.

Though it is known in many other parts of world too for its medicinal properties.

Plant Description

Blessed thistle an annual plant grows to a height of 60 cm bearing hairy leaves upto 30 cm long and 8 cm broad and having small spines on the margins.

The flowers are yellow or pink that is produced in a dense flowerhead with a diameter of 3-4 cm and surrounded by various spiny basal bracts.


This plant is propagated by seeds and can be thrive in ordinary soils.

It is usually found growing on the roadside and waste places as a weed. The seeds are sown in spring while leaves and flowering tops are collected in July.

Parts Used

The whole plant is used as herb.


It contains volatile oils, a bitter crystalline substance called cnicin.

Medicinal uses