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Eclipta prostrata

(Common name:- Bhringraj)


Eclipta prostrata


Eclipta prostrata or eclipta alba is potent ayurvedic medicine which belongs to Asteraceae family.

Eclipta prostrata is called bhringraj in India and naturally distributed throughout India, china, Thailand and Brazil.

Bhringraj is considered invasive remedy for fatigue, rejuvenation and cures hair problems. A mixture of bhringraj in amla is sold in the form of oil in India for the betterment of hair.

Plant Description

The roots of bhringraj are well developed, cylindrical and grey in colour.

It bears floral heads which are 6-8 mm in diameter white and achene compressed which is winged narrowly.

The leaves borne on the root are opposite and sessile, measured upto 5’’ long and 1’’ broad.

Leaves are long, lanceolate, having borne with few hairs and blunt tooth along the margin.


Bhringraj is mainly cultivated extensively in India, china, Thailand and Brazil.

In some parts of Asia it is been grown as weed.

Parts Used

Dried plant


Bhringraj contains coumestans i.e. wedelolactone (I) and demethylwedelolactone (II), polypeptides, polyacetylenes, thiophene-derivatives, steroids, triterpenes and flavonoids.


In India bhringraj has various traditional uses and employed in the treatment of vatta and kapha.

The leaf juice of bhringraj mixed with honey is applied on catarrh in infants.

The extract of leaf is used with coconut or sesame oil to anoint on the head as it is believed to be medicine for good, long and shiny hairs.

Oil is sold in the Indian market made up of amla and bhringraj which is said to be ayurvedic remedy for black and shiny hairs.

The roots of eclipta prostrata are considered emetic and purgative.

It is been thought that the plant of eclipta prostrata alleviates tooth and gum ache also relieves from severe headaches.