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Foeniculum vulgare

(Common name:- Fennel)


Foeniculum vulgare

Fennel is hardy, perennial umbelliferous herb, and popularly known as 'saunf'.


Fennel is highly aromatic in taste and said to have high medicinal value and also have culinary uses.

It is generally considered as indigenous to the shores of Mediterranean, but now widely found in almost every part of world.

Plant Description

Fennel has thick, perennial root stock, stout stem, and erect, glaucous green in color and grows to height of up to 2.5 m.

The bright golden flowers bloom in July and august. The fruit is a dry seed from 4-10 mm long.

It is an ornamental and graceful plant, if planted in kitchen its stems has to be cut down to secure a constant crop of green leaves for flavoring and garnishing. In the wild condition, it is variable as to size, habit, shape and color of leaf etc.


Fennel is easily propagated by seeds, sown in early april in ordinary soil. It can survive anywhere and plantation will last for years.

It prefers maximum sunlight with ordinary soil and manure, but partial shade.

Fennel is largely cultivated in the south of France, Saxony, Galicia, Russia, India and Persia.

Parts Used

Fruit seeds, leaves, roots.


The best variety of fennel yields volatile oil, contains anethol, fenchone, anisic acid, phellandrine, anisic aldehyde.

Culinary Uses

Medicinal Uses

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