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Panax quinquefolium

(Common name:- Ginseng)


Panax quinquefolium


Ginseng is English which has derived from the Chinese word 'renshen' which means man root. It is an ancient Chinese folk medicine thought to have wonderful healing properties.

Ginseng is basically a native of Manchuria, Chinese tartary and also found in other parts of eastern Asia, Korea and Japan.

There are varieties of ginseng as it can be distinguished from Asian and Chinese ginseng.

Plant Description

Ginseng plant is a smooth perennial herb having large, fleshy roots that are 2 to 3 inches in length and ½ to 1 inch in thickness.

The roots of ginseng are slow growing and the main part of this plant is spindle in shape, heavily circulated with a slight terminal projecting point.

The colour of the roots appears to be pale yellow or brownish having aromatic warmth but no smell or fragrance.

The plant stem is erect of about one foot high and bears three leaves which are segmented into five toothed leaflets and a single terminal umbel bearing with yellow flowers.

The fruit of ginseng grows in cluster having red berries.


The cultivation of ginseng is hard as it thrives in loose, rich soil with partial shade.

Most of the species of this genus requires green house treatment in American cultivation.

Ginseng is cultivated in northern hemisphere in eastern Asia mainly in china, Siberia and Korea, but typically in cooler climates.

Parts Used



Ginseng contains amount of resin, starch, gum and small amount of volatile oil.

Culinary uses