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Herb: Poke root

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Phytolacca Decandra

(Common name:Poke root )


Phytolacca Decandra


Poke root is also known as American poke root and mainly used for treating skin diseases.

Historically it is believed that this herb is used to ward off the evil spirit.

A native to America, this plant can be found in throughout the America.

Plant Description

Poke root is a perennial root generally large and fleshy and indigenous to America.

The stem of this plant is hollow; leaves alternate and ovate-lanceolate, the flower grow with white calyx having no corolla.

The plant grows to height of 3-9 feet and the fruit is a berry that grows in clusters.

The root of this plant is taproot which is conical in shape and the dark colour fruit berries contains red-crimson juice.


Poke weed is abundantly cultivated in northern America and other Mediterranean countries.

The roots of poke root are harvested in autumn or spring. It prefers normal soils and thrives in full or partial sunlight.

Parts Used

Dried roots, leaves.


Poke root main ingredients are triterpenoid saponins, alkaloid, resins, phytolacic acid, tannin, formic acid, fatty oil and sugar.