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Symphytus Officinale

(Common name:- Comfrey)


Symphytus Officinale


Comfrey is herbaceous herb that has been used since time immemorial. It is native to Europe and Asia where it is used as a food crop and valued for its medicinal qualities.

The plant is erect, rough and hairy all over. Comfrey's specie called S.tuberosum is found in wet places from north Wales, Stafford and Lincoln northwards into Scotland.

Common comfrey is usually found abundantly in England, Scotland and rarely in England.

Plant Description

Comfrey is a perennial shrub found in Europe and temperate zones of Asia. This plant requires moist soils grows up to 2.5 feet in height.

Comfrey is thick, hairy and bushy shrub which bears dull purple, blue or whitish flowers in clusters.

The leaves are oblong and often the size of every leaf differs in appearance depending upon the position of every leaf on the stem.

The roots are thick and black from exterior and interior is fleshy white containing juice.


Comfrey is an ornamental plant and mostly found in gardens. Basically it thrives in moist soil and requires full sunlight.

Being an annual crop comfrey leaves do not readily wilt during extended periods of drought because of its deep root system. Comfrey is a frost resistant crop.

Comfrey is propagated from root cuttings, crown divisions, and transplants.

Parts Used

Roots and leaves


The primary constituent of comfrey is mucilage, and other elements are allantoin, tannin and small amount of starch is also present in comfrey.