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Herb : Tansy

(Botanical name: Tanacetum vulgare)



Tansy is flowering herb in the family Asteraceae in genus Tanacetum and native to temperate region throughout the Europe including Mediterranean islands.

Tansy has been used widely for medicinal purpose especially by women since older times.

Other than medicinal uses tansy has many culinary uses as well and due to its pleasant taste it is used in biscuits and other preparations around the globe.

Plant Description

Tansy is herbaceous flowering plant having finely compound leaves and small yellow flowers.

The leaves are alternate, pinnately lobed, 10-15 cm long and segmented into seven lobes from centre. It also gives toothed edges appearing fernlike.

The flowers are yellow sweet smelled, flat like button and round borne in cluster.


Tansy is mainly cultivated throughout the Eurasia and Europe as medicinal herb.

Tansy thrives best in almost every soil and doesn't need any shade. Tansy at times spreads like weed if it is undisturbed.

Parts Used

Aerial parts.


Tansy contains volatile oil thujone, bitter glycosides, sesquiterpene lactones; terpenoids, flavonoids, tannin and terpenoids.


Tansy is usually employed as anthelmintic, tonic, stimulant and emmenagogue.

It is commonly used to expel intestinal worms in children, cure rheumatism, digestive problems, fever and helps in healing sores.

It is believed that tansy in older times was used to induce abortions and contradictory to this fact it is also believed that tansy is used to help in conceiving and regulating menstrual flow.

Tansy has various culinary uses too as it is been used to sprinkle on various preparations around the Europe.