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Herb: Poke root

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Herb : Bayberry

(Botanical name: Myrica cerifera)



Bayberry is a deciduous shrub usually found in Asia, Africa, throughout the eastern and southern USA except the parts of Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea).

The uses of this shrub as a traditional medicine have been reported since thousands years back.

Plant Description

Myrica cerifera is the only specie which is useful and found in swamps and marshes in the sand-belt near the Atlantic coast and on the shores of Lake Erie.

The height of bayberry shrub is nearly 3 to 8 feet and leaves are lustrous, lanceolate, and resinous but dotted from both sides, fragrant when rubbed.

The flowers of bayberry plant are unisexual but without calyx or corolla and the fruit consist of red glabrous berries having numerous black grains crusted with greenish white wax.

The bark of this plant is covered with a thin layer and the cork beneath is smooth and red-brown. It bears aromatic odour and taste very acidic.


Bayberry is widely cultivated in eastern and southern US. Autumn and spring is the time when bayberry's bark is collected.

Parts Used

Root bark


The main constituents of bayberry are triterpines, flavonoids, phenols, tannins, resins and gums.