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Stellaria media

(Common name:- Chickweed)


Stellaria media

It is an edible herb which is valued for its medicinal value.


Chickweed is a prolific weed which grows throughout the world. It is an annual herb and widespread in temperate zones and arctic zones.

It is a soothing herb which is eaten for its highly medicinal properties.

Plant Description

It is a spreading weed which is annual and grows with slender tap-root with diffuse brittle branches and ovate leaves with small white star shape flowers.


The cultivation of chickweed is not necessary as it grows throughout on its own.

The fresh edible plants are gathered between May and July as soon as the flower appears.

It is cultivated on its own in gardens and fields.

Parts Used

Dried flowers and extracted essential oil.


Chickweed is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, and C & D. It also contains certain minerals such as iron, copper, silicon, manganese and phosphorus.

It has been found that chickweed also contains triterpene saponins, hentiacontanol, coumarins, tocopherols, gamma-linoleic acid.

Culinary Uses

Medicinal Uses

Chickweed is highly considered for its medicinal uses both internally and externally. Internally it is used for

Externally it is used to relieve skin itches, promotes healing, and relieves eczema, acne, varicose veins, psoriasis, inflammation, ulcers, boils and allergies.

It is an important ingredient in healing creams due to its excellent healing properties.