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Cissampelos Pareira

(Common name:- Abuta)


Cissampelos Pareira


Abuta is a climbing vine and traditionally used medicine in Ayurveda and herbal medicines in different parts of the world.

Abuta is majorly distributed throughout the Amazon including Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.

Abuta belongs to the family of Menispermaceae in the genus Cissampelos which has about 30 to 40 species found in the tropics.

Plant Description

The plant of Cissampelos is woody creeper having long leaves of about 30 cm and flowers which are bisexual white and yellow in colour.

The fruit is inedible berries usually appear like grape ¾'' long and bears highly aromatic odour.

The stem is dark grey shadowed with patches of lichens but cracked and furrowed.


Abuta is indigenous to throughout Amazon, South America and also found in parts of Asia and abundantly in India.

This rainforest vine thrives in the hardiness zone of 9B-11 and is propagated through seeds.

Parts Used

Root, bark, leaves.


The chief constituents of abuta are as follows alkaloids, arachidic acid, bebeerine, berberine, bulbocapnine, cissamine, cissampareine, corytuberine, curine, 4-methylcurine, cyclanoline, cycleanine, dicentrine, dehydrodicentrine, dimethyltetrandrinium, essential oil, grandirubrine, hayatine, hayatinine, insularine, isochondodendrine, isomerubrine, laudanosine, linoleic acid, magnoflorine, menismine, norimeluteine, nor-ruffscine, nuciferine, pareirine, pareirubrine alkaloids, pareitropone, quercitol, stearic acid, and tetrandrine.


Abuta is invasive herbal medicine used by women in South America and brazil mainly employed for menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding, uterine hemorrhages and post or pre-natal pain.

It is also helpful in relieving indigestion, colic, constipation and disorders like dyspepsia.

In Brazil abuta is widely administered as tonic and diuretic and also used in fever.

In other parts of world such as north & South America abuta/ velvet leaf is employed to relieve inflammation of testicles and kidney ailments.

Abuta has long been used as traditional medicine in mexico for muscle pains, snakebite, diarrhea, dysentery and other women's problems.

Indian ayurveda widely use abuta in medicine as remedy for various ailments and disease.