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Herb : Senna

(Botanical name: Senna Alexandrina)



Senna Alexandrina is species of flowering plant in the Fabaceae family which consists of various other species in the genus Senna.

The species of Senna are distributed to tropic regions and some to the temperate regions.

Senna is a potent herb used extensively for various ailments in the forms of tablets and capsules.

Plant Description

Senna is small shrub while in some species senna grows into small tree and the leaves are lanceolate, compound and leaflets are opposite.

The flowers are yellow and white in colour having 5 petals similar to each other.

The stem of senna is erect, smooth and with long drooping branches bearing small opposite obovate leaflets.


Senna is usually cultivated throughout the tropic and some of the temperate regions including Egypt, Nubia and Arabia.

Parts Used

Dried leaves and pods.


The active components of senna are rhein, aloe-emedin, kaempferol, isormamnetin, and glucoside, Chrysophanic Acid, Sennacrol and Sennapicrin.


Senna is considered ornamental plant and also used for landscaping gardening.

Senna is being used as folk and herbal medicine from older times to treat different ailments.

Senna is used as laxative, and also helps in relieving constipation.

Senna alexandrina is considered to be an important herb used for various bodily ailments and can be avail in the form of capsules and tablets.